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LEDkit™ legal information


All material on this website is the property of LEDkit and copyright 2007, all rights reserved. Text and images may not be reproduced without written permission. Products purchased through the site contain proprietary documents, circuit layouts, and firmware which may not be redistributed or reverse-engineered without written permission. Exceptions are to be made if and only if they are required by currently applicable laws -- such as fair use -- in order to validate this paragraph.


LEDkit products contain super-bright LEDs which can cause eye damage. Do not stare directly into LEDs. This warning is repeated in the product manuals.

Neither LEDkit nor its owners or agents are responsible for indirect damage resulting from the use of LEDkit products or web materials. Liability shall be limited to the purchase price. The product may not be used in any state where liability limitations can be ruled invalid in court.

Please regularly consult back to this website, as information is subject to change.

Please use the following address for entity inquiries:

LEDkit entity
5303 Rymney Lane
Burke, VA 22015